Instagram can be a love hate relationship for a lot of people. Some people see a skinny person in a bikini and feel motivated while others see it as a massive downer, making them depressed and hating themselves! It’s just depends on the type of person you are. The important thing is to remember that your the only person in this world that is like you! You need to love yourself no matter what! Yes there are things that we want that we don’t have but no one, NOONE is absolutely perfect! It’s really hard to love yourself, I struggled and it deserves a post of it’s own (next one I promise!), but it’s well worth it at the end.
I am a lover of Instagram! I follow people that motivate me and give me ideas! Have a go, see if it motivates you! If it doesn’t, get rid of it out of your life!
Samanthalyn xxx
P.s when I get to 200 followers I’ll create a Instagram account and inspire you!!

I’m Only Human

I don’t know about you but I am so hard on myself and I just need to stop and think I’m only human! Today I did something really naughty! I bought chocolate cake mix and eat it raw! At the time it was so delicious but now I’m paying for it! Urgh so sick lol
Anyway I look back now and I think what have I done! This isn’t helping my weightloss goals! How stupid am I! But that’s not the way I should react, because sometimes we make mistakes, we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t! I need to realise it happened, ask myself why? So maybe I can prevent it from happening again. Accept it did happen and move on! It’s so easy to dwell on it and say mean things about yourself, but that’s not helping the situation, it’s making it worse! So next time you (or I) binge do these few things; realise it happened, ask why and how to prevent it, accept it’s happened and move on!
Just remember we do only live life once so it’s ok not to be perfect all the time (eating a whole cake batter is very very wrong) eating a muffin at a birthday party will not kill you!
Happy living life
Samanthalyn xxx

I Quit Sugar For Life- Sarah Wilson

This book is amazing!!
At the beginning of the book it’s got all the information you need to know how and why to cut sugar out of your life. Also tips on how to live a healthy life!
She includes also 148 sugar free recipes, which I have tried multiple and haven’t hit a bad one yet! She even has a chapter of chocolate! Yummy! Also included is different ways to use your leftovers which is very handy!
Finally she finishes the book with a four week wellness program and a menu plan for busy solos, foursome families and for a clean week!
This book will be always kept in my kitchen!

Do you have any favourite cookbooks?
Samanthalyn xxx

My first taste of fasting!

Well yesterday I had a cup of tea for breakfast, a cup of tea and also chicken broth for lunch and the same for tea except bone broth instead of chicken! Went really well and I was very surprised I could do it! Only issue was this morning I felt pretty weak and couldn’t do my exercises safely. Therefore next week I’ll do the same but have a protein drink as well for tea, before I go to bed. Then if that works I’ll stay with that otherwise the following week after I’ll have tea.
Have you tried fasting before? How did you go on with it?
Samanthalyn xxx

Weigh in!

65kgs = -1kgs! Yay!
27% body fat! Yay =17.55kgs
47.45kgs lean!
Woohoo lost body fat and gained muscle!
Slowly going down down!
So far half way through my first day of fasting and so far so good.
Samanthalyn xx


I’ve already talked about how important goal setting is but we need to make sure we do it and the best way is the old fashioned pen to paper! These templates are from the lorna jane site, movenourishbelieve! So print off your copy today! It consists of what are your short and long term goals, how you are going to get there, why, what’s holding you back, who will keep me accountable etc. I have them pined up on a board next to my bed so every night I see them before I fall asleep and the first thing I wake up to in the morning! It really helps!
So tell me what are your goals? Are they written down? And where are they kept?
Samanthalyn xxx

My plan of action!!

I have come up with a plan of action to lose a bit of weight but mostly have energy and feel great!

Firstly with exercise I’m going to do different types of exercises on different days and the start of each week write down pacifically what I’m going to do.
Monday- yoga
Tuesday- sprint session
Wednesday- gym strength session
Thursday- endurance session
Friday- gym strength session
Saturday- HIIT session
Sunday- circuit

On the nutrition side of things I find counting calories and keeping track more of a novelty that wears off pretty quickly. I have been doing it off and on for years so I roughly know how much calories are in most foods. So I’m going to stick with paleoish type of nutrition. I say paleoish due to the fact I include oats. Other types of food is fruits, veg, meat, oils, full fat dairy (milk, butter, cream), nuts and seeds. No crap food, no pasta (ouch), no processed food, no bread etc. I’m only going to try to fast one day. I’ll try Monday and see how I go, I can drink broth, water and tea for the whole day! But this will be a trial because I have a very active job and normally if I have a small breakfast I struggle to make lunch and have a fainty type feeling, so we will just have to experiment with that one!

So I’ll write out this coming week plan tomorrow so stay tuned! Let me know big chances you have made!
Samanthalyn xxx