I love music, but sometimes it’s the same sorta thing from time to time. That’s when I started on to podcasts! They are good while walking or running, even listening in the car. You can learn so much and it keeps your mind going! At the moment my favourite podcast is healthification! It’s a short podcast with health and fitness tips! So go look it up and listen to it next time you work out! If you already listen to podcasts let me know what good ones you have on your lists?
Samanthalyn xxx


This is what it should feel like! It’s not a chore or something you have to do, you should feel like you want to do it! This makes heading to your fat loss goal that bit easier! If you don’t feel like these feelings when you do workout your choosing the wrong workout! Do something that you love doing a sport, running, walking, bike riding, golf! And if you are really wanting to loose weight and feel great you will learn how to love and crave the burn, the sweat, cause you know that each time you do your that bit closer to your goal!!
Samanthalyn xxx

Working out makes you feel…..

Latest Read

BEYOND TRAINING – Ben Greenfield
This is a big book on so much useful and practical bio hacks to make your live your fullest life yet!

This book is for every high achiever, exercise enthusiast, weekend warrior, gym junkie, bio hacker, and health but who wants to achieve amazing feats of physical, mental and lifestyle performance without destroying their body, mind, and life.

There are five parts to this book: fitness, recovery, nutrition, lifestyle and the brain. So it covers everything! Really good read I learnt a lot and you will too!

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Week 3

Goal: no deep fried foods!

yoga: child’s pose, cat-cow pose, downward facing dog, standing forward bend, warrior I, warrior III, child’s pose to finish


Monday: dumbell full body burn

Tuesday: treadmill interval

wednesday: shape up circuit with weights

Thursday: netball trainjng

Friday: 6km run

saturday: netball

sunday: speed-play run 1

Drink UP!

That is drink up green tea of course! ha

I started drinking green tea about 6 months ago! I wasnt a fan of any tea or coffee and didnt like the taste of green tea. But i researched the benefits and I said to myself ‘Get over it!’. Firstly I started drinking my tea with added lemon juice almost to the point you couldnt taste the tea! Then I slowly took more and more of the lemon juice out until it was just tea, and now I love it. I have one with my lunch and I have another with my dinner. Here are some cool facts to try and persuade you to do the same as me!

Green tea is one of the healthiest drinks in the world! There are compounds in green tea that can improve your brain function to a point where it can make you smarter. The antioxidants in green tea may lower your risks of various tyoes of cancer such as breast, prostate and colorectal cancer. Green tea can boost metabolic rate in the short term, therefore an aid for weightloss. All these facts and more are found at this website:

So have a look and convert like me starting TODAY!

Samantha xx



Week 2

Week 2
Goal: yoga every morning
Same as last week
Monday: treadmill intervals
Tuesday: 30mins full body cardio
Wednesday: speed-run play
Thursday: netball training
Friday: 6km run
Saturday: netball
Sunday: cool weather shape up circuit with weights

samantha xx

Morning smoothies!

I love morning smoothies! But I don’t do it every morning, it’s more of a specialty. The only real time I make a smoothie is when my eyes are too big for my stomach in the supermarket and I buy too much fruit and veg, it’s been a couple of weeks and I haven’t gotten through them all and they are starting to look a little dodgy! I’m pretty fussy with my fruit and veg too, once they look a little funny or the banana is a little brown I won’t eat it. So what do I do, I blend it and next thing you know I’m drinking a yummy smoothie!
Do you have a favourite smoothie recipe? Let me know!
Samantha xxx

Morning smoothies!